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Revolutionizing the Assessment Process!

AMEE™© is a web-based software product of Midwest Social Science Research Associates (MSSRA),Inc. MSSRA has exclusive rights to AMEE™©.

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Complex not Complicated

Assessment is one of those things that you want to make less difficult. Assessment is very nuanced and complex and does not have to be complicated. Imposing social scientific models of inquiry are can complicate the general assessment processes. AMEE does some of this work for you.

All-in-1 Environment

Planning assessment is 80% of the work and the other 20% is in collecting evidence to make critical decisions about your program. Using AMEE's integrative six-step process, you can plan and execute assessment all in one environment with real-time results.

Easy as 1-2-3

AMEE is a unique, intuitive, software solution that allows colleges, universities and non-profit agencies to build an assessment culture that focuses on the process of learning and teaching. Never before has assessment been so easy! Try our newly designed assessment cloud-based solution and take charge of your assessment.

Features of AMEE content is below

Features of AMEE:

Web Access

Data Management & Repository

Online Assessment Planning

Alignment Matrix/Map

Rotation Plan

Collaborative Assessment

Measurement Tool Builder

Generate Reports

Data Commons

Student Performance Score Tracking

Additional Suites for Assessment

The AMEE Solution

AMEE stands for Assessment Made Easy Everyday. This solution provides an easy-to-use structure to create successful sustainable assessment. AMEE can help your program make critical decision and identify new practices, processes and resources. AMEE is a top-of-the line solution and is a natural fit for your institution.



No other assessment platform offers information in a single easy-to-use format. Instructions are built into an intuitive design to build and strengthen the knowledge of the individuals working in your unit to conduct assessment with support and ease. AMEE begins by determining your organizations readiness to conduct assessment. Do you have goals, objectives and learning outcomes already in place? Are the learning outcomes aligned with core competencies? Do you have a plan or rotation plan? Once this information is established, AMEE navigates the rest of your steps to completing your assessment plan and data collection process with real time results. AMEE also provides an integrated suite of apps that support high impact practices on college campuses such as research collaborations, strategic planning, program review, e-portfolio and strategic diversity and inclusive planning.

Why Choosing the Right Software is Important?

Not all assessment software are ideal for conducting assessment. Additionally, they generally do not consider the most important informants of assessment (i.e., faculty and students) in the design of the software. These platforms are often geared toward the administrative offices with charts and graphs for the appearance of conducting meaningful assessment, while faculty are still collecting assignments in the classroom and using a bricks and mortar process to make sense of the data. After more than a decade in doing assessment work and eight years in designing a solution to meet academic and support unit needs, we suggest you start with AMEE.

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