Sakile Camara is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of higher education teaching experience. Using her experience as a teacher/scholar, she designed innovative and creative solutions for higher education. She became involved in product design after receiving tenure in 2010 at California State University, Northridge. Dr. Camara developed an assessment software solution called AMEE (Assessment Made Easy Everyday) for academic and nonprofit organizations. Since 2010, Dr. Camara has created Bravofolio, SOC Builder, Itraine, and Farmers Xchange.

Dr. Camara holds a PhD from The Ohio State University (2001) and an MA and BA from Arkansas State University in the area of Communication Studies. Dr. Camara, currently holds the position of Chair in the Department of Communication Studies in the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication at California State University, Northridge.

Our leadership team is made up of diverse faculty, administrators and professionals globally and across the United States. We believe that assessment and evaluation is the most important activity for programmatic change, curriculum, and assessment planning.

Leadership Team

Kathy Beasley

Board President

Ankit Bhogre

Programmer/Developer (India)

Kenya Covington, PhD

Higher Education Assessment Consultant (DC, CA)

Peter Nwosu, PhD

Strategic Planning Consultant (CA, GA, TN, DC, Africa)

John Perry, BSE, MPA

Nonprofit Consultant (AR, TX, FL)

Andrew Rubin, BS

Web and Data Services, Original Programmer (CA)

Kathryn Sorrells, PhD

Communication Consultant (CA, AZ, GA, WA, China)