About Midwest Social Science Research Associates (MSSRA, Inc.)

MSSRA serves higher education, corporations, K-12 educational systems and nonprofit agencies. We provide an online cloud based assessment system to serve the needs of those who want efficient and comprehensive assessment tools. We have completed our first round of Beta test with a large size university in the West. We also have a wide variety of expert consultants to handle our clients.

MSSRAs History

The birth of MSSRA was 1998, in Columbus, Ohio. The company was started by Sakile Camara who was a doctoral graduate student at The Ohio State University. Sakile served as the only consultant for the company. The focus was on assessing nonprofit after school K-12 programs.

Our Purpose

Making assessment/evaluation easier, efficient and comprehensive was the goal that the owner Dr. Sakile Camara envisioned when she started MSSRA in 1998. Today, this mission is more important than ever to people who need assessment/evaluation in their programs around the world. We are working diligently to deliver this promise. We operate with high levels of integrity and respect that Dr. Camara put in place. It is because of these values that MSSRA will make a difference in the lives of faculty, teachers, administrators and other constituents.

Our job is to make sure that our Solutions are competitive, yet cost effective. Organizations should not have to pay extreme prices for a Solution that is designed to help them improve for the better good of our society. A cost effective Solution will help many organizations work toward their goals without the burden of an over, priced tool to help them do it.


We want to be known around the world as a diverse company that helps its customers assess its programs effectively. Sakile Camara built this business based on her Christian faith, belief and principles.These values and rules will help us become one of the world's most respected, trusted, and sought after companies.


At the core of this company is respect - for clients, associates, and contractors. This is how we build long lasting relationships. We are a business committed to excellence because we believe in serving our clients first.

About our culture


Our management believes communication is critical to understanding and meeting the assessment and evaluation needs of our clients. Clients will appreciate our desire to create an environment of safety, value, freedom and openness. We guarantee that information put into our system or shared with a consultant will be safe and protected. We will value your position on assessment so your ideas and thoughts are held in high regard. You have the freedom to share your concerns without punitive measures and our communication will always be direct and honest.

From the Bottom Up

MSSRA's has a bottom up philosophy that allows us to capture the assessment and consultant needs of our clients. Suggestion about assessment will be taken seriously and considered in all design phases. As long as suggestions help to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of our assessment solutions we will consider it.

Team Work

Our Solution is designed around team work. Thus, MSSRA believes in working as a team as the solution grows and as technology changes. Team work is very important to MSSRA.

Corporate Locations

The MSSRA corporate locations are in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Newhall, California. We look forward to expanding our business in the years to come. Check out our assessment consultants on the AMEE solutions webpage http://www.assessmentmadeeasy.com.