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    AMEE Power BI Dashboard

    Published Jan 07, 2022

    A new feature, Program Assessment Dashboard, has been added to all accounts. The dashboard pins visualizations from AMEE-built surveys, self-reports, test/polls, assignments, and imported placement and acceptance rates.  You can also take the link and add it to your existing website to show the public.

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    Anonymous Link

    Published Dec 31, 2021

    A new feature, an anonymous link, to the survey was added.  Users can now send surveys to participants without sending emails. 

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    Logic Models

    Published Dec 01, 2021

    We are happy to add a new feature, the Logic Model, to help programs clarify what it hopes to achieve, monitor program activities, and plan for the future. 

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    Published Dec 14, 2019

    We are happy to address a feature asked for by faculty. You can now download an excel file template and upload your courses, and list of student learning outcomes.  Adding these items is no longer a manual process. We pride ourselves in reducing the number of steps you have to take to complete a process and data you must enter to get real-time results. We hope this new addition will make life easier for your assessment. Our products are designs are based on expertise and direct experience with conducting assessment. We take assessment seriously and we know that facult are on the front lines of assessment, so why not make your life easier.

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    Published Nov 30, 2019

    Updates to the Survey fix problems that have been reported in Version 1.0 and add enhancements to Version 2.0., Version 2,0 adds many exciting new features to make your surveys and reports even more impressive. Other new features make The Survey simpler to use and save you time.


    • Add skip logic to questions
    • Move questions around in Edit window
    • New template surveys that can be saved and modified by any user
    • Download graphs as screenshots
    • New questions types
    • 16 different rating scales
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    Published Nov 09, 2019

    MSSRA, INC is always thinking of ways to expand assessment and to make the process less complicated.  Now administrators can leave messages and notifications in user accounts all at once or separately.  Each user receives that notification in the AMEE solution and in the email on the account to ensure receptance.  This is a major update for the AMEE solution resulting in communication efforts being addressed

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    Published Sep 09, 2019

    MSSRA, Inc is proud to announce that Assessment Made Easy Everyday has given full administrative controls over to University administrators. Our superadmin will no longer generate automatic login details for a university. All login details are managed by the university assessment directors.


    This imporved experience makes keeping up with assessment online tools easier. Faculty can change and edit their profiles and assessment might change hands to other users. You wanted more control, now you have it and we are obliged to give it to you.